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2020-03-03 17:17:04

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Unconsciously, 4K shooting has become one of the essential functions of a digital video camera. I have done a review of Sony ¨s 4K civilian camera flagship AX700 before, which brings many professional-level functions to the civilian level, but not all users will need such high-standard products, so after a few months Sony launched the home camera FDR -AXP55 upgrade-AX60.

The Sony FDR-AX60 continues the high quality of the Handycam series in terms of performance. It is equipped with Sony ¨s renowned 5-axis anti-shake function and 20x optical zoom Zeiss lens. It also adds a quick edit button, eliminating the need to import video materials. Computer editing, you can operate a few steps on the screen of the camera, you can easily generate a warm family video, and wireless transmission to smart phones or tablets, and share exclusive memories with family and friends in real time.

, Appearance, low profile, stylish, compact and portable

Lightweight anti-shake built-in projection Sony PJ675 camera review

NFC function support

Battery type Rechargeable battery (NP-FV70A)

f / 5.6 1 / 220ISO200 36.2mm

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