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2020-03-03 17:17:05

xdcam sony 4k cameraax700 price

panasonic hc x 1000digital 4k video camera recorder

canon 405panasonic 4k video camcorder

35mm equivalent actual focal length: 26.8-804.0mm (16: 9 in dynamic mode)

Maximum aperture: F1.8-4

, Detailed design, simple buttons and reasonable interface

MP4: 1280x720 25p

Body design details

The Sony FDR-AX60 lens uses a 20x optical zoom Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T * lens with a focal length of 26.8-536mm, from wide-angle to telephoto. . At the same time, it is equipped with a well-known 5-axis anti-shake function, and its smooth optical image stabilization intelligent enhancement mode can allow users to still shoot smooth and smooth moving images in the scenes with weak stability such as zooming, walking, and running. .

Let's understand the effect of the next 5-axis anti-shake technology by comparing the actual shots.

4 At this time, the screen displays various settings of the current quick edit video. You can press the buttons in the lower right corner to set each

FDR-AX700 has a clear image zoom function, which can increase the zoom ratio to 18 times (4K format) to 24 times (HD format) while ensuring the image is clear.

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