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2020-03-03 17:17:05

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hf g60sony 4k 50fps

canon legria hf g50 camcorder4k video camera with mic input

Maximum aperture: F1.8-4

Next, let's take a look at the live video of Sony HDR-PJ675. On the three-day holiday of New Year's Day, the author took this PJ675 to Tianjin and used it to record some scenes near Tianjin Riverside Road. Let's take a look at its video recording capabilities. (Uploading a video will cause a large picture quality. Compressed, interested friends can click the link to download the original film to watch).

Product size about 73mm x 80.5mm x 173mm (including standard battery NP-FV70A)

Sony FDR-AX60

Through the previous introduction of the Sony FDR-AX60, everyone has a preliminary understanding of this camera. Now let us analyze the Sony FDR-AX60 from the appearance.

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Reference price: 18999 yuan

FDR-AX700 has a clear image zoom function, which can increase the zoom ratio to 18 times (4K format) to 24 times (HD format) while ensuring the image is clear. How is the zoom effect in actual shooting? Let ¨s take a look.

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