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2020-03-03 17:16:59

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35mm equivalent actual focal length: 26.8-804.0mm (16: 9 in dynamic mode)

Sony HDR-PJ675 bottom

Built-in USB cable can be stored in the wristband when not in use

Multi / Micro USB terminal is located outside the bottom of the fuselage

Total pixel pixels: about 8.59 million

Product features: This Canon camera uses an advanced dual DIGIC DV6 processor. The processor's conversion of various functions of the camera can achieve high-speed automatic and manual responses. The dual-processor setting also allows the camera's AI control capabilities. Even more powerful, this camera supports full voice interactive control. The range of voice input control can be completed within 10 meters. If it is controlled through a mobile phone connection, the remote control distance can reach 100 meters.

High-speed data reading ability and excellent auto-focus algorithm make FDR-AX700 accurately and quickly track and focus during video shooting. You can customize the focus tracking needs by adjusting the two dimensions of AF subject tracking range and AF subject sensitivity.

[1000fps slow motion test]

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