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2020-03-03 17:16:59

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Sony HDR-PJ675

One of the highlights of the PJ675 is that it has a time-lapse shooting function. We brought you a demonstration before the evaluation started. Time-lapse photography is a more complex subject matter. Whether it is early or late, you must make a lot of preparations, but with the Sony PJ675's time-lapse shooting function, it can be easily achieved. Next into the evaluation link, let's take a look at how this machine performs.

After looking at the keys, look at the interface. There are not many interfaces on the PJ675 body, but this is also extenuating for a home product. The multi-interface hot shoe is located on the top of the machine, the Multi / Micro USB terminal is located on the outside of the bottom of the body, the DC IN jack is located on the lower right corner of the back of the body, and the memory card slot, HDMI output, projection output, and headphone and microphone interfaces are on the bottom of the side . It is worth mentioning that the PJ675 has a built-in USB cable, which can be placed on the back of the wristband when not in use. This design is good.

In other respects, the Sony FDR-AX60 is equipped with a 1 / 2.5-inch Exmor R CMOS image sensor with effective pixels up to about 8.29 million (at 16: 9 ratio). It uses XAVC S encoding format and can record 3840 〜 2160 resolution at 100Mbps high code stream Rate 4K video to make images come to life.

In the lens part, you can clearly see the control ring of the lens, the control ring function switch and the AF / MF switch.

The menu UI of the Sony FDR-AX700 has been redesigned this time. The newly designed enhanced menu UI is like a Sony professional video camera, with a variety of small parameters that can be adjusted, allowing users to complete various parameters of the FDR-AX700 according to their own needs. setting.

Real image 4K experience Sony FDR-AX700 camera review

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