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2020-03-03 17:16:59

andoer 4k camcorder 48mpbest hdr camcorder

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sony 280 video cameraxdcam 4k

Audio format: Supports Dolby Digital 5.1 channel

Storage performance: Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC memory card / Memory Stick Micro, built-in 32GB storage, support up to 128GB expansion

Sony HDR-PJ675 screen can be flipped 270 <

MP4: 1280x720 25p

Unconsciously, 4K shooting has become one of the essential functions of a digital video camera. As the leader in the home digital video camera market, Sony's products are naturally outstanding. We have previously introduced Sony ¨s flagship AX700, a civilian 4K digital camcorder, which brings many professional-level features to the civilian level. But not all users will need such a high specification product, so Sony introduced this FDR-AX60.

Sony FDR-AX60 external headphone jack

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Product features: This Sony brand camera uses 3 1 / 2-inch image sensors, which can provide the camera with the highest quality image processing capabilities. This combination of light compensation capabilities is also excellent. It can be said that this camera can Achieve perfect shooting effects in different light intensity environments. This camcorder is equipped with a 17x zoom lens. The zoom of the lens adopts the light automatic zoom. The zoom accuracy is high and the imaging speed is high. In addition, the camcorder also supports direct recording of multiple formats of video.

Reference price: 32999 yuan

This is the end of the 123 editor ¨s introduction to the 4k professional camera ranking. Do you fancy which camera? If so, you can start with peace of mind. They are all very cost-effective and reliable. . In terms of price, 4k professional cameras are prohibitive for many people. Xiaobian also recommends that you clearly understand your needs when buying, and not because of a sudden rise or follow the flow, this is an unreasonable purchase.Sony Corporation released the latest 4K camera FDR-AX700. This newly released Sony FDR-AX700 is the first product in Sony's civilian cameras to be equipped with 4KHDR. It has performance in image sensors, image processors, autofocus, S-Log shooting, storage, fast motion, and super slow motion 1000fps1 shooting. Both have shown a clear improvement. Below we will introduce in detail the newly released multifunctional camera from Sony.

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