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2020-03-03 17:17:00

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The projection adjustment lever is located above the screen

The FDR-AX60 has an electronic viewfinder at the upper center of the back, a battery compartment below, and a power connector next to the battery compartment. On the far right are the shooting button and power indicator.

Sony FDR-AX60 top of the fuselage

The FDR-AX60's display size is 3.0 inches, and 920,000 pixels can be flipped 270 degrees. Equipped with a touch focus function to make focusing more convenient.

Below we explain the use of quick editing step by step through practical operations.

Quick editing support WiFi and one-touch function

In the lens part, you can clearly see the control ring of the lens, the control ring function switch and the AF / MF switch.

There are one camera body inside the package, one manual, one charging cable, and one battery.

HD video recording 4K, 6-axis image stabilization with delay-Seabird action camera experience evaluation

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