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The Sony HDR-PJ675 camera, released in December 2015, is the latest product from Sony's family of projection cameras. It has 5-axis image stabilization and 30x optical zoom. Compared with previous products, it has a significant upgrade in focusing performance. At the same time, it has a time-lapse photography function. The body comes with 32GB storage space, built-in projection, and supports Wi-Fi, NFC transmission It can be said that it is a small and sophisticated home model. Let's take a look at some parameters of this PJ675.

Home cameras need to be small and portable. The PJ675 does a good job of controlling the volume of the body. The size of the body is about 61.5mm × 66.0mm × 130.5mm. It is more comfortable to hold with one hand. In terms of weight, The battery weighs only 380 grams, and I think the PJ675's portability is still very good. Next, let's take a look at the detailed design of the PJ675.

Real shot video (click to download the original film)

After opening the display, we can see the internal control area of ??the Sony FDR-AX60. There are also many buttons here. They are the quick edit button, playback button, NIGHTSHOT button and power on button. At the same time, built-in speakers, SD card slot and HDMI output interface are also placed here.

5-axis image stabilization on / off comparison video (click on the image to view the video)

三 、 Canon LEGRIA GX10

V. Sony PXW-Z90

Real image 4K experience Sony FDR-AX700 camera review

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