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4k ultra hd infrared night vision and full spectrum camcorder

2020-03-03 17:17:02

4k ultra hd infrared night vision and full spectrum camcorderpanasonic 980 camcorder

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Sony HDR-PJ675 battery capacity is 980 mAh

A camera is a device that we occasionally come into contact with in our daily life. Unlike a camera, a camera has a higher degree of professionalism. Therefore, if it is not a professional or an enthusiast, it is rarely contacted. At present, professional cameras at home and abroad are mainly based on Japanese brands. The resolution of the shooting picture is an important reference factor for judging a camera. The current camera can basically shoot 4k video. Below, the 123 editor will introduce the 4k professional camera ranking.

Sony FDR-AX60 electronic viewfinder

The Sony FDR-AX60 itself has a built-in 64GB flash memory and also supports SD / SDHC / SDXC cards and Memory Stick card expansion. It supports a maximum capacity of 256GB, making it easier to share and shoot.

Second, Sony PXW-FS5M2 FS5M2K

Real image 4K experience Sony FDR-AX700 camera review

Of course, loop photography and slow motion are also common shooting methods. You can also adjust the resolution of the video, but I still like high-resolution 4K photography, which makes shooting more clear.

Panasonic HC-VX870M

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