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4k video camera with mic input

2020-03-03 17:17:02

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Quick Edit Instant Share Sony 4K Camera AX60 Reviews

Product: HDR-PJ675 Sony Digital Camcorder 2 Appearance Model Low profile stylish compact portable

Recording format Static: JPEG Dynamic: XAVC S 4K / HD, AVCHD, MP4

Below we explain the use of quick editing step by step through practical operations.

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Real image 4K experience Sony FDR-AX700 camera review

The remote control interface, NFC chip, wristband, ASSIGN6 button, external microphone interface and multi-function micro USB interface are placed on the left side of the fuselage.

An excessively high shutter speed under bright light will cause the screen to freeze. The AX100E has a built-in three-speed ND filter to help. Generally speaking, this product, which is positioned for home use, is at least more professional in terms of buttons, but Users who do not pursue the ultimate can still turn on iAuto in the lower right corner of the LCD screen and leave everything to the AX100E.

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