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canon vixia hf g60

2020-03-03 17:16:57

canon vixia hf g60canon full frame 4k video

best 4k camcorder 2019ax53

canon g50ax55

Maximum aperture: F1.8-4

, Appearance, low profile, stylish, compact and portable

Lightweight anti-shake built-in projection Sony PJ675 camera review

Other keys and interfaces are in the middle of the side of the fuselage

Real shot video (click to download the original film)

Body Interface Introduction

Sony FDR-AX60 multifunctional micro USB interface and external microphone interface

When the video is finished, how to edit becomes a big headache for many users. In order to allow users to edit the shooting materials more easily and quickly, the FDR-AX60 is equipped with a "quick edit" button on the fuselage, which can directly enter the quick edit menu without the need for other high-profile hardware devices. Edit a wonderful video clip with transition effects and music in the machine. You can also personalize the video duration, selected clips and background music during production. After the wonderful content is finished, you can also wirelessly transfer the video to your smartphone or tablet, etc., and share it with your friends and family in real time to share the sweet parent-child time.

Sample Appreciation

Fourth, Sony HXR-NX5R

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